Enchanted Garden Slot

Enchanted Garden Slot Review (RTG) slots free online

Enchanted Garden Slot

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A Classic Slot Game programmed by RTG, with the storyline inspired by the dense coverage encompassed with wines already enclosed, likewise the savor of fruit developing over the trees in a lawn

Enchanted Garden Slot | A Classic-natured slot, yet Goodie

Game Information

  • Name: Enchanted Garden slot
  • Developer name: Real Time Gaming
  • Game Types: Online Slots
  • Game Storyline: Fantasy
  • Launch date: 13.11.2011
  • Return to Player: 97.5%
  • Mobile Compatible

Enchanted Garden Slot In Brief

The dense coverage encompassed with wines already enclosed, likewise the savor of fruit developing over the trees in a lawn which winters hardly surfaces, with an abundance of water, & there's no compromise of an external influence.

Here's an alternative game variant long-time developed by Real Time Gaming, tilted Enchanted Garden slot. The game establishes the extent at which the developer fundamental principles already advances & advanced through its period since it commences developing their titles.

Never get discouraged with the outdated artistry form since there are lots to master being an aspiring bettor. The game rewards bonus spins, then indicating progressive prizes for players to obtain.

This game encompasses so much for players to take advantage of in this slot game, despite its slightly smooth for contemporary players, yet, this classic-natured slot is a bounty.

The Game Mechanics, Fairies | Future Upgrades

We'd appreciate to have an advanced version of this game just for the displays, to give a more standardized & attractive look. Just as We're never lovers of slots characters, nevertheless, the close-fitting vines are quite soft, however, adorable beautification to the characters. Besides, the game features several butterflies, a fairy princess, jewels, unicorns, & more so Fountain of Youth.

The developer deserves an accolade regarding assortments, & we doubt other slots ever adopted the fountain of eternal youth being a character. Candidly, following the present-day norms, the graphics are archaic & no longer fancy in look. However, all the game arrangement remains functional, & they strive to entertain the creativity reasonably.

As regards the gameplay, the mode takes resemblances to the operation of Achilles concept. There's quite huge disparity alongside the bonus spins offer, however, an appealing portion of the packages visible gets apportioned.

Besides, Enchanted Garden machine encompasses large progressive winnings which are possible to activate at random & gets usually paid around obtaining a considerable winning with the exclusive features or activating the winnings to generate numerous categoric spins while the game is active.

It acts on the average high volatility arrangement, which you'll admire. Also, take advantage of the enormous availability of products developed by Real Time Gaming. You might hate it & by preference, there are tendency players never get to enjoy lots of variants on offer across the gaming sector designed by this innovator.

A Magical Paradise!

Right at the early, the bonus spins are quite challenging to initiate, however, mostly, it's relatively profitable while it's active. While attempting to activate this bonus spins, such player requires a Fairy Princess across the fifth reel likewise the Garden character over reel one.

The aftermath then compensates seven bonus spins, such that its possible to reactivate the spins alongside an exclusive Firefly character which contributes further spins.

To amplify the offer while the bonus gets activated; the entire winnings get magnified three-fold, therefore, more so, any prizes actualized can get hugely magnified.

Ultimately, the winnings are quite more substantial to generate; however, the celebrity of the display is still the progressive winnings.


Enchanted Garden Slot is a game for lovers of pokies, despite its runs an outdated visual. If you admire alternative RTG slot machines, certainly you’ll cherish this enchanted garden slot. It's entertaining, the beginning might appears somehow, nevertheless, it generates enormous wins eventually.

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