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If you are the type of person who loves adventure and excitement, then you will definitely love Cubee. Join Cubee on a thrilling journey where he combats hi's age-old rival called Rocco. Cubee makes use of arrows, bows and cannons. The maximum Jackpot extends to 50,000 coins and you have a whole lot of amazing features in this game. You have free spins, multipliers, interactive rounds and many others. For us, RealTime Gaming succeeded in merging two eras beautifully. So if you want to see what a slot game featuring The Stone Age and the Viking Era looks like, come and join Cubee on his amazing journey and stand the chance to win real money when you're playing.

Cubee SlotLet's talk about something very important when it comes to games. Gameplay. With Cubee, gameplay doesn't work quite like you would expect a RealTime Gaming slot machine to work. The first thing Cubee does is time travel from the Stone Age. Then be tried to defeat Rocco so as to get a prize. When you want g start, click on the “Fire” button that you will find in the middle of the screen. When you do this, you have a whole lot of floating enemies, energy balls and weapons that would come out of the Time Portal. You can only see up to eight symbols at a time so if you want to receive a payout, at least tree of these symbols must match. This would be the case even if you are not playing for real money. Of course there is a free play mode that would give demo credits to players. This way, players can learn the game comfortably without wasting their money on a game they can't play.

If you get from 3 to 8 symbols of Lucifer, Casper, Bones and Spoke, you could get 0.15, 1, 3, 5, 15 or 40x their actual bet, for each of the number of symbols. You should do well to keep in mind that the only enemies that Cubee can defeat are the ones who are lower or who match his energy levels. The starting point of this hero is one. When you get a Power Ball, Cubee's strength goes up by one. Also, the power Ball is the wild and is actually counted as a defeated enemy. One thing you should do is try to get as many weapons as you possibly could because these weapons help to decrease Rocco's power. As soon as you finish your rival off, you will move on to the next Era of level.

Before you start betting, there are some things you should keep in mind. The value of a coun goes from €0.10 to €100. So you should place these coins with a lot of deliberation and after taking a lot of things into consideration.

Cubee Online Slot (200% slots bonus)

Cubee Slot
$35 Free Play Now

Cubee Online Slot (200% slots bonus) Features

  • Release: 2019
  • Betting Range: 1- 20
  • Max Payout: 1,000,000

Cubee Online Slot (200% slots bonus) Basics

  • Game Type : Online Slots Real Money no Deposit, Video Slot
  • Software : Realtime Gaming

Play on Cubee SLOT Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What special features will you find in Cubee?

Each time that there is the appearance of a Cannon in the Piracy Era, you trigger a fresh round of Cubee Free Spins. In the Viking Era, you get multipliers for every bow and arrow you collect. As soon as Cubee gets to Cubeeland, you get free games that you will okay with all the Multipliers you have accumulated. Also, there are no weapons that will target Rocco and as a result of this, you have a better chance of winning.

2. Any issues with playing on mobile devices?

You can play this game on a number of mobile devices. There would be no need to install an application. You can play this game online instantly at online casinos that support it.

3. What is the Return to Player Percentage of Cubee?

We cannot say with certainty that we know the RTP of Cubee as we are still researching. As soon as we get it, we will update it.


We love Cubee. This game is really interesting and innovative as well. You have a great design, a nice range of bet combos and different levels for you to enjoy. We would really recommend this game as it has just the right amount of adventure we believe everyone needs in their life.