Cheating at online casinos

Cheating at Online CasinosCheating at Online Casinos is rare but possible, there are some online casinos that will still find ways to extort and cheat their players in dubious ways. Most online casinos that perpetrates this act are offshores casinos.

Do online casinos cheat?

As a newbie, after you first game at an online casino and you happened to lose you might be struck with the question, do online casino cheat? It is totally understandable being new to the world of online casino games. Moreover, no one like losing but it is not only newbies that asked this questions. Some players also will try out an online casino for the first time and they will come back with the same question too. The purpose of this review is to let the players be aware of what is happening in any online casinos and why they cannot steal your money.

There are some times when newbies experience some unexpected and unexplainable things when playing blackjack. Such as when you have 2 aces and the dealer have 6, normally splitting should occur but due to the absence of blackjack on your hand it did not. The unexpectedly the dealer own just turned to twenty-one and you will be wondering, are they not cheating me? But this is normal in blackjack games most especially when someone is unlucky since it is a game of chance. For players that have been playing blackjack with way back, they would have seen situation even worse than the one describe above when playing. All these are normal and people tends not to play again after encountering such situation with no one to answer their question if the casino is cheating or not. That is the purpose this review will serve, it will answer all your questions and clear your doubts.

House advantage and the edge the casino has over players

If it is basically to make money out of the players, there is no reason for online casinos to cheat when they already have house advantage. This house advantage is common to all casino games and it simply give the casino edges over the players. There is no need for casinos to cheat when at the end of the day will eventually win. There are some table games in which if the player is winning before but based on the amount of time spent while playing the game, the casino will surely have an edge over him.

Payout percentage of video slots

There is something known as payout percentage when it comes to video slots. It is different from that of table games and in this case the player will be liable to certain percentage of the total bet at a certain period of time. More information can be gotten online by searching for the meaning of payout percentage and how it works. Let us take a video slot with a payout percentage of 97 percent for a year as an illustration. This simply means that at the end of a year the player will be refunded 97 percent of his total bet whereas the casino will have 3 percent. This is also how the casino is benefitting from the players playing their games. However, why can’t online casinos cheat players of their percentage payout? This is explained in details below.

Software developers are responsible for creating games

All these games that are available at any online casinos are not developed by them. There are developers such as Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and Wisconsin that are basically skilled in this aspects. The same way they developed games for online casinos is the same way some peole built slot machines for offline casinos. It is the software of these game developers that the casino will install and the people will be able to play. The casino does not control the game then how will they cheat? The game was giving to them by a software developer based on agreement maybe to pay certain percentage of their profit or a subscription method. Therefore, those in control of the games are the software developers it is just the duty of the casinos to offer the games to their players. Then how will it be possible for the casinos to rig the game if such is the case?

All online casinos undergo auditing process

Online casinos just like the land-based casinos always go through the process of auditing. No matter how trustworthy the casino is they cannot escape auditing. Land-based casino undergo the process of auditing in the hand of the local gaming commission whereas that of online casino is different. Auditing of an online casino can be carried out in two ways:

  1. The casino must have received their license from a certain institution, they will be responsible for the auditing of the casino.
  2. A third-party company not associated to the casino can offer to voluntarily audit the casino.

After the auditing is done, online casinos always showcase the results obtained proudly to garner trusts from prospective players. Most casino prefer the second type of auditing since people will be more convince of their results since they are not associated to the casino in any way.

High risk and less benefit

No casino that has been in business for a very long time and have built a relationship based on trust with their customers would risk cheating. Because before they become known and reputable in the gaming world they must have overcome some obstacles. And they would not want to jeopardize their position in the gaming world just because of a little fee they will realize perhaps if they cheat. There are many online casinos available nowadays such that when the players lose their trust in a casino they can easily move to another casino sites. No reasonable online casino will want to lose its customers because of small fee it will realized from cheating the players. Moreover, since there are lot of competitions, each casino will be looking for ways to please its customers more so that they will not dump the casino for another one.

At the end

Although the review is all about how impossible is it for online casinos to cheat their players however, we are not telling you to completely trust any online casino. Some casinos will decide to run off with the players’ money after winning thereby leaving the players penniless. Most online casinos that perpetrates this act are those that are not based in that particular player’s country. Therefore, it will be hard for the player to get his money back from such casino. However, there are ways in which you can check out whether you should trust and play on any casino you feel like. Check if the casino is licensed and has a regulating body. Then you can check for the reviews on that particular casino, it will help you in getting to know the kind of casino you want to deal with. You can check directly on google and you can as well visit our sites to get to know better.