Casino Games you can win Real Money

What casino games can you win real money?

There are many casino games that players can win real money from such as Blackjack, Progressive jackpot and Video slots. To win real money players need to wager with real money on the appropriate casino.

Casino Games that offer real money

Players who are always looking to make more money always have a question struck at the back of their mind. And the question is the type of casino game they can play to win real money. This is what this review has come to solved for players with such question on their minds. Before we proceed, one important thing players need to realize is that you cannot win real money without you playing on the casino with real money.

Most people when they see free things they will rush towards it expecting to win real money with the freebies. It is impossible, there is no way you will withdraw winnings made from fake chips. And this has made many customers to be dejected after playing and amassing a huge win only to realize he can not withdraw the winning.

As a new customer, you will be provide with the opportunity to try out the game for free at any casino of your choice. The purpose this free games should serve is to make you familiarize yourself with the principle behind the game so that whenever you are ready to play with real money you will not be ignorant.

Casinos failed to reiterate it to people that whenever they are playing for free they cannot withdraw the winnings because what they are using to play is fake. Therefore, if you want to win real money you must understand that you also need to play with real money. Because it will not be augur well to play the game for free with the mindset that you are going to amass winning out of it.

Since we have cleared your mind and let you know the number requirement needed if at all you want to win real money. Next is now to let you know the casinos you can indulge in to win real money after playing. It is very simple to determine the casino that will pay you with real money after winning.

When players win on any online casino, the casino loves bragging about how a player was able to win while playing at their casino. Therefore, they are going to post the name of the people that won on their casino and this can be verified if you like.

Whenever you are among the winner, they are definitely going to publish your own name also on their sites. Rest assured that the casino cannot just publish your name just to cheat you. Therefore, with regards to our findings we have made a list of some casino games you can play to win real money.

Multi-line bonus video slots

According to our findings, players are going to win real money for sure with these kinds of casino games. All types of players can play this game, there is no exception. It is made up of 5 reels and can be more than that also.

It is a themed slot machines and they can also offer the players with many bonus to increase their winnings. A lot of people play this game because it gives them joy whenever they are playing. It is quite different from some old games that does not offer better chance of winning to the players.

This game gives player more chance of landing a winning combination and it is not hard to get. If you are very observant, you would have studied the pattern of winning at the casino that offers this type of game. This game always provide the players the opportunity to win more by having many bonus offers, wilds and many more. You can try out this game with real money at any casino of your choice to win real money.


Blackjack is a table game known to be the king of casino games and one of the games that offer real money to players. It is known to have the least house influence whenever a player is playing the game. It is not hard to play and the rules does not change unlike some games. The rules are not hard making it easier for players to understand and play even for the first time. Either online-based or land-based casino, blackjack still follow the same principle and their payout percentage cannot be manipulated unlike that of video slots. Therefore, if you are ready to make real money and you are also a lover of table games then blackjack should be your first choice.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots is a sure giver of real money whenever you are lucky to win. The progressive jackpot are not most of the time for regular players. If you want to increase the opportunity of winning the jackpot then ensure you do not go for the bigger jackpot because they are rarely won. The smaller jackpots are often won by players than the bigger ones. Also ensure that the one you are playing in also has a fixed amount that will trigger the jackpot. This will make you to be able to strategize and plan for best time for you to play. There are people that have won at their first trial of progressive jackpots just by bidding their time. The large jackpots are mostly won like two times in a year therefore you will not want to participate in it as a regular player.

Our Verdict

We have mentioned above the best casino games that can award a player with chance of winning real money. There are games that award players with the worst chance of winning and they are not even fun to play. One of them is the 3 reels 1-line slots. The gameplay is not even fun at all to play coupled with the bad payouts, unavailability of bonus options and bad tables. You should steer clear of such game if at all you are willing to win any real money. There are also games that fit in the same category that you need to steer clear of. However, if your are ardent and ready to win real money then try out the games we have mentioned above based on your preference and you will not regret it.