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About Beautiful Bones Slot

Microgaming has developed a slot game that is made up of five wheels and two hundred and forty-three means of winning. It is named Beautiful bones, and it is compatible with every tool. The minimum required amount per spin is thirty pounds, and the theme of the game is about the day they used to celebrate the dead in Mexico. The graphics are amazing, and the slot consists of a wild spinning session that entails the icon at the centre becoming the holding wild that will produce spin freely. The scatter is also available in the form of a sugar skull on the wheels. These are collected once they showcased. Once the free spin session has been triggered by the presence of ten scatters, you will receive ten spins for free plus a multiplier of times three. If you triggered it with twenty scatters, you would be awarded fifteen spins for free plus a multiplier of four times. If you trigger it with thirty scatters, you will be awarded eighteen spins freely and a multiplier of five times. In the end, the player can go away with one thousand multiply by the amount they stake per spin. The software provider of the beautiful bones is Microgaming, and the player can stake on a spin with an amount between thirty pounds to fifteen euros. Two amazing bonuses options are available for players. The icons that are found on the wheel include the ten, A, J, Q, and K plus the painted skull of two men and three women icons. The three women will be showcased on the three middle wheels, which are wheel two, three, and four. When it showcases in packs, then the wins will increase. Every icon on the wheel is a substitute for the wild apart from scatters.

Beautiful Bones Slot

The two bonuses options available are the wild spin again session and the free spin session. The wild spin again session is initiated after obtaining a three combo to win. Thе centre of the winning change to wild plus an extra free spin. The most sought after the session is the free spin session that is activated by collecting ten scatters on the wheel. After obtaining ten skulls, the player will be awarded ten spins freely, and the winnings will be times three. Collecting twenty scatters will make the player to be liable to fifteen spins for free and the winning times four. Collecting thirty scatters predominates the player to eighteen spins for free and the winning times five. Therefore, you can select the session you think is the best for you when playing. The fantastic bonuses options and quality designs have made beautiful bones slot to be considered a good slot for players. It has moderate volatility, and you will be able to have larger winnings during the free spin session. There is a possibility of going away with one thousand the amount you stake per spin if you can wait to have the eighteen spins for free and winning multiply by five.

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