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Bao Ni 8 slot

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Review of a video slot game designed by Realtime gaming developer, titled  Bao Ni 8 Slot, launched more recently, features 5 reels, 8 Winning lines, centers around Chinese background of the number “8” given much regards in China to represent riches, prosperity, accompanies Bonus spins, re-spins feature, with Bao Ni 8 as the wild symbol, given the jackpots value up to 6,800x the players bet value, & Bet limits ranging from $0.08 – $40.00

Bao Ni 8 Slot Details

  • Title: Bao Ni 8
  • Game Developer: Realtime Gaming
  • Winning-lines: 8
  • Progressive: Enabled
  • Number of Reels: Five


Bao Ni 8 draws its story-line from a Chinese concept with the innovation brought about by RTG developer. This developer maintains a steady release of slot games tied to China-based settings since this year 2020 got hooked up with the China-based New Year. Bao Ni 8 slot features five reels, eight rewarding lines & provides jackpots worth 6,800x the player's bet value (not progressive).

Thoughtfully, this jackpot amount is sufficient to catch a significant risk-taker interest & keeps him/her anticipating. This new slot is available for play across any of the top American-facing online casino sites recommended by us. With just a bet value in the range of $0.08 – $40 for each spinning action, you can start.

In so much expectation, we believe the rest of this slot attachments will never fail. However, about this slot impression we already noticed up to this time, it's doubtful to a greater extent. The red color is the principal ornament painted of this reel clumps. Besides, players can notice a lucky figure 8 coming into view across critical points on this slot reels.

China-based natives accord much worth to these “8” figure since it has a relation with well-being & affluence from their perspective. Incredibly, Bao Ni 8 provides so many features, & every one of these attachments seems appealing.

The repeated-spins feature, Bonus spins play-mode, allows earning payouts with worth multiplying the returns reaching 10x, & wild symbols. We'll advise you to give this slot an attempt in its demo play-mode before placing a wager with your real funds.

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Return to Player & Characters

Every one of the characters visible on this slot reels speaks much about this slot story-line also. The developer assigns the main character to be Bao Ni 8. Each time five of these Bao Ni 8 surfaces, such player handling the game can earn up to 388x of their bet value.

Whereas, the remaining characters are of lesser worth such as bangles, golden tortoises, fortunate figures 8 (wild), manual blowers, the scatter symbol (Bonus Spins logo), & pieces of eight. However, this amazes us as the developer didn't unveil the slot Return to Player rate, likewise Winning frequency.

It implies that we are lacking enough information to decide about this slot winning potentials & volatility.

Presumably, with our analysis so far & attributable to this developer's former slot brands, we can predict the Return to player value to be approximately a range of 95.8% to 96.2%, & the Winning frequency of roughly 14%. Do you intend to play this slot with your hard-earned money? A suitable casino site to opt for is Reddog Casino.


Bao Ni 8 | Wild Character

Bao Ni 8 represents this wild slot character regarded as the fortunate digit 8 & can only come into view across first, third & fifth reels, likewise during a rewarding combo. The symbol can replace any nearby characters, excluding the scatter symbol only.

Good fortune Repeated-spins Feature

It's possible to activate this Good fortune Repeated-spins attachment upon whichever randomly-triggered rewarding spins during the main game. It stays over the reels during which the remaining reels spin all over again. This concept's simple logic is to boost up the winnings while you include extra character combos across this slot reels.

The repeated-spins paly-mode deactivates each time a rewarding combo stops to pop-up. Among the entire free pins feature provided in this slot, this re-spin play-mode is the most straightforward. Furthermore, this contributes to a player's budgets running slowly in neutral, quite impressive as it can bring about some optimistically considerable amount in Return to remain with for Bonus Spins.

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Bonus Spins Play-mode

A more different attachment with this slot is Bonus Spins, as you don't have to embark on space research before you can realize you can obtain a prize up to 6,800x the players bet value ($272,000). Nevertheless, the activation of this Bonus spins feature is necessary or a pre-requisite to enjoy the potentials of Bonus spins. As a result, What's the procedure to get this feature activated?

Before anything else, such player requires three bonus Spins badges to appear (i.e., the scatter symbols), & can activate 8 Bonus Spins. Aside from this only bonus Spins, beneficiaries can take advantage of the highest multiplying co-efficient at 10x!

Peradventure, you can bring into view a different set of 3 or higher of this Bonus Spins badges, then the game will reward you an additional eight bonus rounds! Let's say you can efficiently make the most of the re-spins feature; you can obtain a worth of 50 bonus spins!


This Bao Ni 8 slot much inspires us. Overall, the game can indeed keep a player engaged & never a dull moment with the hope to obtain maximum jackpot worth 6,800x of the players bet value. As a result of this slot jackpot's amount range, it's not possible for us to just kept quiet about it.

Besides, Bao Ni 8 main game seems more appealing, great appreciation to this good-fortune Repeated-spins attachment, likewise wild symbols. The most significant feature of an online slot game remains the bonus spins play-mode, possibly up to 80+, can be anticipated. We're not sure how many spins you'll need to trigger it.