How To Beat Online Casino

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How To Beat Online Casino

How to Make $1 & $2 bets??
Suppose your starting bankroll is $40 and you are playing roulette and betting even money bets on RED. You won’t be able to march ahead by wagering $1 every time unless you follow a set strategy. Our strategy encourages you to bet bigger using won money + $1 of your own money in order to make fast money.

This is how it works:

1st ROUND: You bet $1, win $1 Collect $2
2nd ROUND: You bet $2+ $1, win $3 Collect $6
3rd ROUND: You bet $6+ $1, win $7 Collect $14
4th ROUND: You bet $14+$1, win $15 Collect $30
5th ROUND: You bet $30 +$1, win $31 Collect$62
and so on……

Five or six round streaks are very common. As long as you keep betting $1 from your own money, you won’t land in to trouble.

How to Make $5 Bets??

The following tips can help you make money faster for tables where minimum wagering is $5 or higher.

Suppose you have $40 bank roll to start with. Get eight $5 Chips. Make 5 consecutive $5 even bets win/loose. If you have failed to win minimum two of the five rounds, you may try another table. You should quit the table if you lose three of the five bets in a row.

As long as you have more than 4 chips, continue betting one unit at a time. Leave table if you lose $ 20.