Bicicleta slot

Bicicleta slot – Online Slots for Free !

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Specifics about Bicicleta slot

  • Developer: Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Return to player rate: 96.30%
  • Variance: Mid
  • Win-lines: 25
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Best payout: 190000
  • Story-line: Touring / Continents, Football

Interlace your footwear and participate in this incredible game of a fantastic soccer-driven slot machine titled “Bicicleta.” The idea is all from Yggdrasil Gaming. Soccer demands exceptional strength ratings, vibes, elegance, and pace. You can connect to this adventure at your comfort zone.

It doesn't matter if you're exclusively a cathedra sightseer with a flair to view from your luxury or simply a semi-pro sportsperson that admires playing on mobile— sure, Bicicleta is the right match for you. The reason is that it's 100% mobile-friendly with various gadgets and a mobile, tablet, & PC. Naturally, a soccer game is incredibly money-spinning, with its jackpots and winnings. Hence, make haste and catch on to the experience.

Basis for play and Ambiance

Imagine the impressions of staying amidst the multitude on a pitch while a real-time football game is ongoing. It's stimulating, while the spectators eagerly await the result. The game background put on enveloping background music composed of ovation, cheerio, and an outcry from the troupe, including a lively and cheerful tune that can make you quickly sense some of the adventures.

This slot's reels are clear-cut while it comes between the background of a mind-blowing football pitch. The beryl greensward from the track is relatively straightforward, with the couches occupied with loving spectators.


The characters are unique, well-disposed, ever desiring to win. Enjoy the game, and you could probably win a jackpot or the best payout.

Be reminded that the game allows you to modify the game mechanics according to your favorite game pattern. Work with the game consoles right beneath this slot reels to choose the coin denomination, likewise present wager value. Comfortably select the bet range by your financial plans and skills. Also, if you're capable of the maximum wager feature, suit yourself. The automatic spin play-attachment enables you to play the game set to a predetermined spin count to make the game roll without controlling it. The game mechanics here is easy and perfect, hence stay calm and relax.

If you're able to pair the characters, you'll have the multipliers activated, thereby boosting your payouts. The wild icons can replace any other symbols across these slot reels, making up the rewarding combos and drawing near-high winnings. Bonus spins provide multiple winning ways. Besides, the cups make up for great values in the soccer sphere, with which Bicicleta is the same. Perhaps you can get yourself gold laurels symbol over the 5th reel; there's an opportunity to wait on a whopping 1,000 coins.

Partake and enjoy a unique style of play.

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