Alchymedes Slot

Alchymedes Slot  –  Online (Yggdrasil Gaming) Slots Free

Alchymedes Slot is an online video slot that was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming and it is made up of five reels, three rows, plus sixty bet lines. You can stake a minimum of 0.30 dollars when playing the game and a maximum of sixty dollars.

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About Alchymedes Slot

Most of the time from the title of different slot machines players can deduct what its theme will be about. Just like a slot titled Alchymedes Slot you can deduce that the game will be related to alchemy which is an ancient practice that involved the tuning of irons into gold. Although it may sound fictitious since no one has been recorded of being able to do that so far unlike the popular scenario being painted in various movies and books. Alchymedes Slot is made up of five reels, three rows, and thirty bet lines. It is one of the popular games that was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. You can receive a maximum payout of about one hundred thousand times your stake. Some of the features included in the game are wilds, multipliers, and bonus round.

Theme and Design

The background of the Alchymedes Slot is red and the five reels contain various icons that illustrate what the game is all about. You can get familiar with the game by going through the information provided for you when accessing the game. You will have the option of making the necessary adjustments to your staking level, determine if the reels should be spin automatically or manually.

Playing the Game

Yggdrasil is a popular software developer that is known to prioritize creativity and innovations. The way the Alchymedes Slot was designed, it was to ensure players derive maximum satisfaction from playing the game. You can find it any online casino that partnered with Yggdrasil as its software provider. Although with the way the game was setup it was meant for experienced players but there is nothing stopping novices from trying out. Ensure you go through the reviews of the game before playing as a novice.

Unlike the main thirty bet lines available in this game at the beginning it can be extended to sixty when you are playing the game. Winnings are taken from the left hand side to the right hand side and vice versa therefore doubling the amount of bet line available to sixty lines. There is an extra feature with which you increase the value of your stake after betting initially. 0.30 euros is the least amount of money that can be stake on the Alchymedes Slot and the highest amount is sixty euros. However, the maximum stake can increase up to one hundred and fifty euros per spin. This is why players that like betting high amount of money will find the slot game fascinating.

You do not have to manually spin the reels all the time especially when you want to take a break. You can just activate the auto play option that will allow the reels to spin up to one hundred games automatically. The number of times it will take can also be more than the one hundred depending on your preference.

Payouts, Bet Lines, and Forming Winning Combinations

You will be familiar with most of the symbols here since they are common to various online slot machines. Each of these symbols has its contribution to the total winnings of the players and there are four extra icons which are diamond, spade, club, and heart. All you need to get winnings with these symbols is too obtain at least three of them on the bet line. From landing different icons and forming winning combinations you can obtain the maximum payout that is about one thousand times the winning.

Among the two major dumbs common to most slot game which are the wilds and scatters only the wilds are present in this game that is represented by a green toxin. With its appearance more than fifteen thousand forms of winning will be created.

There is a feature with which you can transform the Alchemist scale by using the green toxin. After winning each stage, the feature will be available to be activated and porting of the wild content will activate it. You will also receive multipliers when playing this game such that you can receive up to one hundred times your winnings. You will also have the option of winning about two thousand coins if you are to end up activating the random feature bonus.

Playing the Slot for Free

Before you can play Alchymedes Slot for free you will need to register with an online casino that partnered with Yggdrasil Gaming to serve as its software provider. You can check our site for the list of such online casinos and sign up with any of them. This is to make gambling easier for you since your satisfaction is our priority. When you sign up with any of the casino you will be able to play the game for free or for real money. However, as a new player it is advisable to play the game for free at first and make sure you have understand all what it entails.


Yggdrasil has provided players with the opportunity to turn metals into gold through the Alchymedes Slot. This slot game is playable on multiple platforms like mobile, android, iPhone, and computer. It is an interesting slot game with a good payout that will make high rollers and low rollers happy. Although the game lacks free spins feature but it was compensated by three bonus round and a jackpot that will involve winning up to one thousand times your stake. Visit any Yggdrasil Casino and start playing the Alchymedes Slot for free or real money.

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